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Psychical Research Science Society

Check out the June 4th PRSS Meeting on our YouTube Channel

Speaker:  Rev. Amy Majors, The Rescue Medium

PRSS-Geoff Jowett July 2nd meeting 2022.jpg

Check out  the July 2nd PRSS Meeting on our YouTube Channel

 Speaker: Geof Jowett

Where the Intellectual Meets the Intuitive: A Mystical Journey

PRSS-Dr Wahbeh September 3 meeting 2022.jpg

Check out the September 5th PRSS Meeting

 Speaker: Dr. Helané Wahbeh
Director of Research at the Institute of Noetic Sciences


Check out the August 6th PRSS Meeting

Speaker: Rev. Frank Kotowski

Director of the Department of Phenomenal Evidence for the NSAC

PRSS-Frank Kotowski August 5th meeting 2022.jpg
PRSS Andrea Berger October meeting 2022.jpg

Check out the October PRSS Meeting

Speaker: Andrea Berger
Residential and Outreach Trainer for the Monroe Institute and Founder/President  of  the Association for Consciousness Evolution, Inc


Rev Dr Janet Decker November meeting 2022.jpg

Check out the November PRSS Meeting

Speaker: Rev. Dr. Janet Decker, CHT
Clinical Hypnotherapist, Spiritualist Minister, Medium, Teacher and Dean of Metaphysics at Metaphysical University,


Check out the December PRSS Meeting

Speaker: Loyd Auerbach, MS
Parapsychologist, Teacher and Author

Video will be released in Spring 2023


PRSS Llyod Auerbach December  meeting 2022.jpg
PRSS Joe Giaquinto February meeting 2023.jpg

Check out the February 2023 PRSS Meeting

Speaker: Joe Giaquinto
Psychic Medium, Paranormal Investigator and Spirit Photographer



The Psychical Research Science Society (PRSS) will be a vibrant, inclusive, and diverse community dedicated to advancing, applying, and translating science for the study of proving the existence of life after death and other related spiritual phenomena. 


  • Promoting excellence in parapsychology and psychic science: PRSS is dedicated to advancing the study of phenomena to understand the abilities of spirit to communicate with those in the physical world.  .

  • Sustaining a supportive, cooperative, and open scientific community: PRSS is rooted in a welcoming and collaborative community committed to maintaining and growing that community through its YouTube publications, monthly meetings, mentoring and training programs and associated activities.

  • Advancing diversity, inclusivity, and equity in Psychical Research Science: PRSS recognizes the inherent value of diversity, inclusivity, and equity in Spiritual and Psychical Studies. PRSS is dedicated to becoming a more diverse and equitable society through inclusion, where all people interested in the paranormal sciences are welcomed and their voices heard, thus promoting diverse perspectives and representation in Psychical Research Science.

  • Developing and supporting research of Phenomena: PRSS is dedicated to the development of students and scientists and practitioners, and to supporting the continued development of all pursuits of understanding phenomena.


1. Elevate the Society on psychic and Spiritual phenomena studies and research by maintaining and improving the monthly meetings, and the communication tools used for in-reach and outreach.
2. Translate and communicate the study of phenomena to the general public.
3. Improve equity, inclusivity, representation, and a sense of belonging at PRSS meetings, welcoming all those interested.
4. Increase the diversity of the community of practitioners and investigators of Psychical Research Science.
5. Increase membership, including regional and international participation, and promote the field of Psychical Research Science.
6. Support the professional development of all members across all development and research stages through specific programs and actions.
7. Increase efforts to train the next generation of psychical research science by supporting those interested in the research of phenomena.
8. Constantly pursue new and groundbreaking ways to advance communication services to our members.

The Psychical Research Science Society (PRSS) is an international research society created and organized  as part of the Church of Peace, A Spiritualist Center.  The society's focus is on the study of Psychical Science. The Psychical Research Science Society (PRSS) is committed to providing numerous tangible and intangible benefits to the greater community.


Changes for 2023

PRSS will host events quarterly in 2023, starting in May.

In order to to meet the needs of the PRSS community,

membership will be suspended after June

and all speaking events will be open to the public for a fee.

Thank you for your support of PRSS in the 2022 year.









Church of Peace Psychical Research  Science Society Disclaimer

The views and opinions expressed by Presenters do not necessarily reflect the views or positions of Church of Peace , PRSS or the NSAC.


Global Events


February 10-13, 2023: Consciousness Life Expo: Spirituality, Ascension and Metaphysics, Los Angeles, CA

February 28- March 2, 2023: Science of Healing Summit 2023 – Energy Medicine & Quantum Healing

March 3-5, 2023: Edison Expo: Heart of Oneness, Edison, NJ

March 23, 2023: Australian Paranormal Conference in Melbourne, AUS

March 24-26, 2023: Oregon Ghost Conference, Seaside, OR

March 31- April 1, 2023: Haunted Galena Conference, Galena, IL

April 17-19, 2023: Caring For The Human Spirit Conference, St. Louis, MO

April 21-23, 2023: Portal to Ascension Conference , San Diego, CA

April 25-29, 2023: Association for Death Education and Counseling Conference, Columbus, OH

​June 7-8, 2023: International Conference on Metaphysics, Philosophy, Theology and Science ICMPTS, San Francisco, CA

June 23-204,2023: Haunted America Conference (The Ghost Conference) , Alton, Il

August 21-24, 2023: International Association for the Psychology of Religion in the Netherlands

August 22-25, 2023: Michigan Paranormal Annual Convention in Sault St. Marie, MI

September 29-October 1: Sage Paranormal Convention USA, BELLE GROVE PLANTATION, KING GEORGE, VIRGINIA, USA.

Society for Scientific Exploration will announce their online convention soon, it is usually in October

Haunted Atlanta still has not announced their Conference dates for 2023 but check their website

DOULAPALOOZA CONFERENCE expected October of 2023- National End-of-Life Doula Alliance Conference

NSAC convention is held every October...rumor is it will be held in Buffalo, NY...

For more information on conferences on  (click on the topics)


Conscious Studies



Perception Studies

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