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The Path of Spiritualism

Our Board and Pastoral Committee

Living a Spiritually Awakened Life

Charvonne Carlson is the Director who came to Spiritualism in 2015. Since then she has received her credentials as National Spiritualist Teacher, Commissioned Healer and Certified Medium with the National Spiritualist Association of Churches.  She currently serves as Director of the Morris Pratt Institute.  Her aspirations are to bring the light of Spiritualism to all who will receive.  She encourages those who seek spirit to connect with the Church of Peace through their Wednesday night services or through Spiritualist courses and events.

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Director of Church of Peace, A Spiritualist Center, NSAC
2022-2023 Trustee for the NSAC Board

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Secretary of Church of Peace, A Spiritualist Center, NSAC

Angela Gunshore serves Church of Peace as their secretary. Since the 1900s, Spiritualism, mediumship, and healing has been practiced by her father's indigenous family in Canada and the United States. And with her family's support, she has continued the tradition of serving Spirit.  She began studying with Morris Pratt Institute in 1998, since then she has studied under many wonderful and gifted teachers in programs offered at Lilydale Assembly, Arthur Findlay College,  and various Spiritualist Centers worldwide.  Angela is working with Church of Peace to build a community where all are accepted, loved and welcomed.  She encourages those  who are curious or interested to attend a Church of Peace Service. 


 Allison E. Bell is a native Houstonian and Spiritualist. She works primarily as a consultant on government funded construction projects in diversity contract compliance.  She is licensed to practice law in the State of Texas and is a certified mediator. She received her Doctor of Jurisprudence degree from South Texas College of Law and a Master of Construction Management from the University of Houston.  

Bell’s experience in diversity and inclusion began through her local volunteer work for Planned Parenthood. She became the Chair of Diversity Programs for the Western Region of the US. In this position, she helped create standards for the new diversity portion of the yearly accreditation process for clinics.  She participated with committee members in planning national and regional events for diversity training as well as to promote diversity in the community. The committee created manuals targeting specific groups within diverse populations. As a chair of this committee, she held a seat on the diversity committee of Planned Parenthood Federation of America. 

Allison E. Bell, J.D. 
Vice President, Church of Peace, A Spiritualist Center NSAC


Our Mission

We, here at Church of Peace, A Spiritualist Center,  are growing and thriving. Since we opened in October of 2021, we have been working to grow our community and serve Spirit.

Our focus here is to be an inclusive and diverse center. We hope through our events, services and educational classes and workshops we are centering the voices of ALL.

Our mission is to be a safe place for anyone who wants to learn, grow and fellowship in a Spiritualist community.

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Our History

An Online Church with Ties to Wisconsin

Modern American Spiritualism was started in Hydesville, New York in 1848.  Two very young and brave sisters gave a message from a spirit and thus a movement was started. 

Modern Spiritualism is the Science, Philosophy, and Religion of continuous life, based upon the demonstrated fact of communication, by means of mediumship, with those who live in the Spirit World.   (1919)

Church of Peace, A Spiritualist Center was first chartered in May of 2019 in Hales Corner, Wisconsin by the Reverend Debra Malison.  The church went inactive in 2020.  In 2021, Charvonne Carlson reinstated the Charter and started Church of Peace as an official ONLINE church based in  West Allis, Wisconsin. 

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